2020 Top 4 New Makeup Trends on Instagram

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

From COVID-19 quarantine life, work from home, social distancing, and all other events that came along with it, 2020 has shaken up the world quite a bit, including the world of beauty. Unlike any other year, the world of makeup has taken a little different path this year, since we had to stay home extensively this year, but we still saw some interesting makeup trends coming out this year. Here, we did some digging to see what makeup looks and trends have been hitting online this year so far!

1. Quarantine Face Mask Look

While many reject the idea of wearing masks, for those that do wear masks, just show how much they embrace wearing masks as one of their fashion pieces, and have really leveled up their game to make it a fashion statement! These are some of the stunning looks with the face masks and matching makeup with statement eye makeup looks for 2020!

2. Zoom Makeup

As work from home became the new norm this year, the makeup looks for zoom calls has also become the go-to makeup trend. We’ve seen pop of color on your lips, which can help make your face pop or glow on the zoom calls. We’ve also seen strong mascara eyes to make your eyes defined on your zoom calls.

3. Floating Eyeliners & Graphic Eyeliners

Though this makeup trend has been out there since last year, we are seeing more and more people wearing this type of makeup this year. Perhaps since the graphic makes the eyes pop more on digital and on our screens (and since we are all interacting digitally this year), this trend is catching up more and more by the makeup fans.

4. No Makeup Makeup

Since we have a lot more time at home, many of us are turning to skin care a lot more than usual. The natural makeup look that looks like wearing no makeup at all has been embraced more and more this year as we are upping our skincare game. Afterall, there’s no other places to go except your home, and the cozy, minimalist look is the makeup trend that’s been hitting this year, and it all makes sense!

Did you catch any beauty trends this year on Instagram?? We wanna hear what you all think! If you have any tips, email us at info@thepalette.app!

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