Celebrating Black Owned Beauty: Purgasm Shop by Nicole Jennings

Purgasm Shop is a wellness focused skincare brand that provides superior handcrafted products and the inspiration and tools for women to create their own sacred self-care experiences at home. The brand was founded by Nicole Jennings; a product formulator and current esthetics student and is inspired by her love of luxurious self-care rituals. Purgasm Shop will launch 2/26/2021 with a boutique line of bath & body and skincare products. We interviewed the mastermind behind the brand, Nicole about her entrepreneurial journey as a single parent.

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

I really wanted a better work/life balance for myself and my family and to have more control over my earning potential. As a single parent, this was super important for me. I also needed to feel like I was being of service and doing something that I was passionate about.

Please tell us how you started or why you created this brand?

I started Purgasm Shop in 2013 as a creative outlet and way to make some extra money. Initially, I was creating edible massage candles and body butters along with soaps, skincare, and natural hair care. But over time, I began to focus on creating more self-care experiences for myself in addition to the skincare products. When I began sharing the products and rituals with other women, I found that Purgasm Shop was evolving from just a beauty brand to more of a "self-care meets skincare" brand and it became my mission to provide women with superior handcrafted products along with the inspiration and tools to create their own sacred self-care experiences at home.

What has been the most challenging time for your brand so far & how did you overcome it?

My most challenging time was actually when my brand was beginning to grow and gain more customers around 2015. At the time, I was juggling a growing business, single parenting, a rising corporate career, and relocation to another state. It was overwhelming. And as a one woman show, I struggled to give 100% to my brand. As a result, this created some poor customer service experiences for my customers and it was a really low point for me. After that year, I took a long hiatus and considered giving up on entrepreneurship. But I knew that Purgasm Shop was my purpose and I received a lot of support and encouragement from previous customers, friends, and family that helped me to refocus and give it my best shot again. I'm truly glad that I decided to push forward because the excitement of rebranding and relaunching has been a high point of 2021 for me.

Why does this mission/cause so important to you and what is your key driving force to be in this business?

My mission for Purgasm Shop is to make self-care meaningful and personal for as many women as possible. This is important to me because many women, especially women of color, do not have effective self-care practices nor do they see self-care as something made or intended for them. They see it as a luxury. My mission is to teach them that self-care is a necessity, that they are worthy of it, and that it doesn't have to cost a fortune. When I started to create consistent self-care rituals, it changed my life. I was able to manage my stress better, my attitude was more positive, and I was able to show up as the best version of myself to others. I am passionate about other women experiencing the same.

"My mission is to teach them (WOC) that self-care is a necessity, that they are worthy of it, and that it doesn't have to cost a fortune." - Nicole Jennings

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

My most satisfying moment was when I went through my rebrand and the design team truly captured the essence of Purgasm Shop in the new esthetic. When I saw the new packaging and labels together, it was a very proud moment. There are many spiritual elements to my brand, and seeing all of those elements incorporated in the colors, brand patterns, etc. really made me feel that I had created something unique and authentic and that I was sharing a tangible piece of my creativity with the world.

What would you say to other aspired beauty entrepreneurs out there about launching a brand and a beauty line?

Most importantly, be authentic so that you stand out from the already established brands and from the new ones that are launching everyday. More than ever these days, people are looking to connect with brands on a more personal and authentic level. And without a unique offering, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. Secondly, make it your mission to do what you're passionate about. Success and accolades don't always come easy or fast and your passion will sustain you and help you remain focused on your mission when you're not receiving validation or encouragement from others.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and inspiring us Nicole!

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Stay Tuned for The Shop Opening: https://www.purgasmshop.com/

Follow IG: https://www.instagram.com/purgasmshop

Shop Ownership: Women owned, BIPOC owned, Black owned

Brand Creator: Nicole Jennings (IG: @iamshesofree)

Brand Category: Clean Beauty (Low Impact, non-toxic, clean dyes and formulation or ingredients), Cruelty Free, Handmade/Artisan-made

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