Seasonal Color Analysis Guide for Summer - What You Need to Know for Summer Palette

Do you belong to the summer seasonal color palette family? Or just learning what summer season is about for season color analysis? Either way, glad you’re here to find out what makes the summer color palette, and how it can enhance your glow, and your natural beauty. If you’re not sure which season you belong, read this article to find out!

What is the Seasonal Color Palette for Summer?

Summer colors include blue, mauve, grey, lavender, and navy. Summer seasonal color palette families come in Light Summer, Cool Summer, and Soft Summer, but all of the winter seasonal color palette families have the same cool skin undertone.

General Characteristics of Summer

People with summer seasonal colors have cool skin undertones, with hair colors with muted cool ash undertones and eyes with light, pale, or delicate colors. Your skin has cool pink or blue undertones, you may burn easily, and may even sometimes have neutral or beige undertones. Overall, you may have a subtle color contrast between your hair, skin, and eyes. In general, silver looks better for you to enhance your glow rather than gold, and you’d look better with black and white rather than brown and tan.

Summer Celebrities

Some of the summer celebs include : Adele, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Middleton, Olivia Wilde, and more!

Summer Color Palettes

Check out below for the three color palette families within the summer palette. If you don't know which one you belong to, take a quick quiz from here to find out what you are!

Light Summer

Your hair has a light to medium ash undertone, and your eyes can be blue, or green and could have crackled glass pattern. You'll look great in these colors: light grey, sky blue, soft pink, lavender and navy. Generally, you’d look great in powdery, dusty tints, but colors to avoid include dark ,overpowering colors.

Soft Summer

Your hair can have a light, medium, to deep ash undertone, and your eyes could range from blue, green hazel, gray with crackled glass pattern, with grey undertone. You'll look great in these colors: grey, mint, soft yellow, blue and deep red. Generally, you’d look great in soft, muted colors with subtle hues.

Cool Summer

Your hair can be medium to deep ash brown with a tint of red undertone, and your eyes can be blue, grey hazel, or green with crackled glass patterns with grey undertones. You'll look great in these colors: blue, mauve, grey, lavender, and navy. Generally, you’d look great in cool colors, yet with soft hues.

But this doesn't mean you can't wear other colors, if you feel like wearing them and feel good in them, go for it, you'll rock it regardless!

Don't worry if you don't see your favorite color, these are just some ideas and samples of colors that'll enhance your glow based on color theory. Use these color guides as guidelines to explore different colors, rather than a rule!

Wanna find out if you're a summer or not? Take a quick quiz to find out from here!

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