Seasonal Color Analysis Guide for Winter - What You Need to Know for Winter Palette!

Whether you just learned about seasonal color analysis or you've been knowing for a while, the chances are, you are looking for the right colors to wear for your skin complexion. Glad you’ve arrived here to learn about your colors! Here, we've put together what makes Winter seasonal color palette, and how it can enhance your glow, especially if you have a cool skin undertone. If you’re not sure which season you belong to, read this article to find out!

What is the Seasonal Color Palette for Winter?

Winter colors include black, pure white, red, blue, pink, deep plum and burgundy.

Winter seasonal color palette families come in Clear Winter, Warm Autumn, and Deep Winter, but all of the winter seasonal color palette families have the same cool skin undertone.

General Characteristics of Winter

People with winter seasonal colors have cold skin undertone, with deep colors for hair with undertones like blue or ash, and various eye colors. Your skin has cool blue or rosy pink undertones, and you tend to get burned easily and have blue veins rather than green. In general, silver looks better for you to enhance your glow rather than gold, and you’d look better with black and white rather than brown and tan.

Winter Celebrities

Some of the winter celebs include : Lupita Nyong'o, Jennifer Connelly, Anne Hathaway, Kerry Washington, Lucy Liu, and more.

Winter Color Palettes:

Check out below for the color palettes within the Winter family. If you don't know which one you belong to, take a quick quiz here to find out exactly which color palette would compliment your complexion to enhance your natural glow!

Clear Winter

Your hair has a blue or ash undertone, and your eyes can be bright blue, green pale hazel, rosy brown or black and could have spokes or border defining iris. You'll look great in these colors: fuchsia, raspberry, coral, mint, light emerald, black, grey, white, aqua, navy, and cobalt. Generally, you’d look great in vivid, intense hues and pure color mixed with white.

Cool Winter

Your hair can be deep ash, black with blue tint, silver, and salt & pepper, and your eyes could range from blue, blue-violet, charcoal, icy hazel, and brown with spokes and border defining iris. You'll look great in these colors: cherry, deep rose, icy pink, grey, black, green, royal blue, navy, indigo, and plum. Generally, you’d look great in vibrant primary colors with fully saturated pure pigments.

Deep Winter

Your hair can be black, black-brown, medium brown, steel gray, salt & pepper, and your eyes can be in black, dark brown, or dark hazel with spokes and border defining iris.

You'll look great in these colors: fuchsia, cherry, emerald, turquoise, black, white, cobalt, navy, and eggplant. Generally, you’d look great in vibrant primary colors, fully saturated pure pigments.

But this doesn't mean you can't wear other colors, if you feel like wearing them and feel good in them, go for it, you'll rock it regardless! Don't worry if you don't see your favorite color, these are just some ideas and samples of colors that'll enhance your glow based on color theory. Use these color guides as guidelines to explore different colors, rather than a rule!

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