Spotlight on Afro-Latinx Owned Beauty: Holistic Blyss by Blyss Buitrago

Holistic Blyss offers spiritual herbal teas, body care products, and individual wellness healing sessions rooted in meditation, movement therapy, and herbalism. Founded by an Afro-Latinx herbalist, Blyss Buitrago, Holistic Blyss supports equitable healing spaces for the BIPOC community to self-heal from racial trauma, stress, and anxiety. We asked Blyss about her journey with her wellness brand, Holistic Blyss.

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

My driving force was this feeling that I had something deeper to offer my community than the white savior ingrained non-profit jobs I was doing. My personal healing has put liberation from my fears, internalized oppression, and toxic views of myself that was holding me back from living my most authentic life. Becoming an entrepreneur has given me the freedom to unapologetically heal, reclaim my culture, and connect myself with the land. Now I am so humbled to spend my days holding equitable healing offerings for the BIPOC communities to heal alongside, deepen their relationship with their bodies, and souls.

How did you start it and why did you pursue a beauty brand?

During covid-19 I recognized the support the herbal practice provided during this challenging time and felt compelled to share that support to others. So I hand-crafted spiritual herbal body products to support individuals as they feel, rest, and heal from stress, anxiety, racial trauma and physical pain. As an Afro-Latinx herbalist & healer with an affinity for the natural world and the cultural traditions that honor our roots, I recognized within myself and our BIPOC communities to heal and restore our souls from the impacts of deep seeded racial & ancestral trauma. I was also humbled by the herbalism played in healing myself from patriarchal toxicity, nurturing my self-actualization journey, and confidence. So I started Holistic Blyss to reclaim our cultural herbal traditions and create equitable healing spaces for communities of color, offering meditation, body movement & herbal supports.

What has been the most challenging time for your brand so far & how did you overcome it?

Every day holds it's own challenges. Financial challenges impede me from being able to pay myself as an employee, hiring contractors or consultants to support accounting and marketing needs, and prevent much growth. But as if with any challenge, I learned not to let anything stand in my way, not even myself and that little voice we all have. I keep pressing forward, being resourceful, but also recognizing what capacity I have to meet these challenges each day.

How important is this mission to you and what is your key driving force to be in this business?

My community, black healing, and my own healing have been so important, yet it became crucial for my community through this pandemic. The constant onslaught on our black bodies weathering our health, and covid-19 exacerbated pre-existing conditions in our communities of color. Standing up for our individual and collective healing and mental health became our rally cry to just make it through each day. The work I'm humbled to do with my community, makes a simple facial cleansing oil with chamomile and lavender, someone's saving grace for starting their day with just one moment of peace before we step out into the world with the armor and support of our plant allies. As a healer, I always hold space for my community to rest and heal. This is my key driving force, because this is my role in the revolution.

As a healer, I always hold space for my community to rest and heal. This is my key driving force, because this is my role in the revolution.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

I'm so grateful for the stories and experiences my communities share with me through my offerings. One moment was when an individual shared how much my Uplifting Body Oil with lemongrass, cedarwood and lavender has helped them with their first good night's sleep, uplifted their hearts to wake up each morning, and lightened their undereye dark circles. This was early on in the pandemic, when getting a good night's sleep was nearly impossible. I was beyond in awe of the dynamic impact my herbal supports could have on someone's well-being, rest, and outlook on life and themselves. If there's any day I'm second guessing the value of myself and my work - my community's experiences remind me that my work is serving them, so must be doing something right?!

What would you say to other aspired beauty entrepreneurs out there about launching a brand and a beauty or wellness line?

Start with the people close to you and keep pressing forward from there. Now that your work WILL serve someone, and that is more than reason enough to share your work with the world!

Thank you so much for sharing your valuable insights through your journey as an Afro-Latinx woman founder Blyss!

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