Taylor Morrison on the Inner workout and Beauty

Taylor Morrison is an international speaker, podcaster, and the founder of Inner Workout, where self-care meets self awareness. She's on a mission to help people beat burnout through sustainable self-care practices. Taylor is also a trained facilitator, a certified 200 hour yoga instructor, and a certified group fitness instructor. Below, we asked her entrepreneurial journey and personal insights on how to lead an authentic life, which is true to her core.

On Your Entrepreneurial Journey:

How did you start your company, Inner Workout?

The idea came to me on a yoga mat. I wanted to create a practice that was really focused on helping people build the skill of self-care. By the time I got the idea for Inner Workout, I’d been exploring my relationship to self-care for a couple of years. I knew I wanted to take the conversation around self-care deeper. I enrolled in a yoga teacher training program, started testing out the concept, and eventually built what is now Inner Workout.

Everything we do is centered around five dimensions of well-being. Our namesake practice blends movement, breath-work, journaling, and meditation. Our Take Care assessment measures people’s well-being across five dimensions and offers personalized self-care practices. We also offer workshops and digital workbooks.

What fears did you face while starting your business, Inner Workout, and how did you overcome them?

I had a lot of fear around actually launching the brand. I loved doing the behind-the-scenes work of building the brand and concept. I was nervous to share it with the world. Ultimately, I had to tap into the impact that I knew Inner Workout could have. When I focused on the impact, I couldn’t help but share Inner Workout to the world.

What are some tips on bringing your ideas to life?

It sounds simple, but just start building. You won’t be able to get to the fullest expression of your vision right away, and that’s actually a good thing. Start small. Test what you’ve built, and make changes based on feedback.

How do you cope with failure or rejections?

Failures and rejections can really hurt. I give myself space to feel the disappointment, and then I remind myself that it’s par for the course. Every entrepreneur is going to face rejections. Every entrepreneur is going to fail. It’s all how you handle it.

What do you do when you get insecure?

Insecurity is part of the human experience. When I frame it that way, I stop beating myself up for feeling insecure and instead view it as an emotion that will pass. I’m always a fan of dancing to a song that makes me feel confident. For extra encouragement, I keep a note of my wins on my phone.

On Your Beauty:

What are your quick picks or go to products for makeup, skincare, and hair care?

Makeup: Brow gel. It makes me feel instantly more polished.

Skincare: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Hair care: Argan Oil

What is your skincare routine?

I wash my face using the Foreo Luna and a squalane cleanser. At night, I tone after cleansing. Then I use The Ordinary’s Buffet and Hyaluronic Acid before putting on my moisturizer. I also wear SPF 50 every day.

What is your hair care routine?

I keep it really simple. I wash my hair about once a week, and I deep condition every couple of weeks. Depending on the style, I’ll use oil or a cream to keep my hair moisturized.

What is your body care routine?

My husband makes the best Shea butter that I use after every shower or bath.

On Personal Insights:

What makes you, you?

Someone recently described me as no nonsense but nurturing, and that really sums me up. I really want to help people develop and live into their own definition of success.

What do you do to live true to yourself?

I check in with my values, and I surround myself with people who can lovingly call me in.

What would you say to your younger self?

You don’t need permission from anyone else. You already know enough. You already have what it takes. Just start showing up.

Lastly, what does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is showing up as the fullest expression of yourself.

Beautiful insights and tips. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us Taylor!

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