The Complete Color Guide for Clear Spring Color Palette for Seasonal Color Analysis

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Looking for the right color for you? Here’s the complete color guide for Clear Spring seasonal color. Check below for all of the complementary colors for Clear Spring seasonal colors along with the beauty and styling tips! If you don't know what seasonal color you are, also read on to find out what your season is.

Clear Spring Undertone:

As a Clear Spring person, you have warm undertone. The complementary colors or color palette for Clear Spring person is a gorgeous set of colors that really enhance the natural glow of your complexion as a Clear Spring person. Check out below for a beauty color and styling tips for the Clear Spring colors.

General Characteristics of Clear Spring:

Clear Spring with clarity in the features, people with clear spring palette usually have highest contrast within the Spring families with bright and striking eyes. Clear Spring have warm skin undertone with medium to dark gold or black brown with possible red highlights, and eyes can range from blue, green, to topaz with bright colors with sunburst patterns. As they border the Winter category, they can wear colors similar to the intensity of the cool, yet brilliant Winter season.

Clear Spring Color Palette:

You'll look great in these colors: navy, white, lime green, coral and bright yellow. Your go-to color is bright colors and colors to avoid are muted pastels and earth tones. You could wear black but other muted colors may make you wash out. But this doesn't mean you can't wear these colors, if you feel like wearing them and feel good in them, go for it, you'll rock it regardless!

Clear Spring Color Palette
Clear Spring Color Palette

Clear Spring Celebrities:

Some of the celebs who have the Clear Spring colors are : Beyoncé, Emma Watson, Tyra Banks, Mila Kunis, and more. Take a Seasonal Color Analysis quiz from here to find out if you have the same color palette as these celebs from here!

Clear Spring Makeup Colors Tips:

Clear Spring Styling Tips:

  • Gold jewelry will enhance your glow rather than silver!

  • You'd look better with brown or tan than black and white.

  • Wear coral for a pop of color.

See what other people with Clear Spring are styling themselves by joining us here!

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