The Complete Color Guide for Clear Winter Color Palette for Seasonal Color Analysis

Looking for the right color for your next hair, for your lipsticks, or for your dress? Look no further! Here’s the complete color guide for people with clear winter palette!

Clear Winter Undertone:

Clear Winter's undertone is beautiful cool undertone, and is very flattering with gorgeous color palettes described as below. Check below for color palette tips that complements your specific skin undertone, along with makeup and styling tips!

General Characteristics of Clear Winter:

Clear Winter have cool blue or rosy pink undertones with bluish veins, and usually have deep colors for hair ranging from medium to dark brown and black with blue or ash undertone. For eyes, it ranges from bright blue, green, pale hazel, or rosy brown or black.

Clear Winter Color Palette:

As a Clear Winter, you'll look great in these colors: black, pure white, red, blue, and pink. Your go-to color is black and vibrant jewel tones or icy pastels. Colors to avoid are earthy tones and warm tones, since these colors could make you look a little washed out. But this doesn't mean you can't wear these colors, if you feel like wearing them and feel good in them, go for it, you'll rock it regardless!

Clear Winter Celebrities:

Some of the celebs who have the clear winter colors are : Lupita Nyong'o, Megan Fox, Fan Bingbing, and Katy Perry. Take a quiz to find out if you have the same seasonal color palette as these celebs from here!

Clear Winter Makeup Tips:

Clear Winter Styling Tips:

  • Silver jewelry will enhance your glow rather than gold!

  • You'd look better with black or white than brown and tan.

  • Wear plum for a pop of color!

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