The Complete Color Guide for Deep Autumn Color Palette for Seasonal Color Analysis

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Looking for the right color for you? If you have not taken seasonal color analysis quiz, we highly recommend taking it so you know which group you belong. If you already know you are a deep autumn person, look no further! Here’s your complete color guide for deep autumn seasonal color below.

Deep Autumn Undertone

As Deep Autumn, you got gorgeous earthy/warm undertone that compliments beautiful colors. Within the seasonal color analysis groups, Deep Autumn has beautiful, rich color palettes. Check below for some color palette that compliments you, along with makeup and styling tips!

General Characteristics of Deep Autumn

Deep autumns have earthy and warm skin undertone with medium to dark golden brown or brown black for your hair, with dark brown, dark green, or dark hazel eyes.

Deep Autumn Color Palette

You'll look great in these colors: chocolate brown, red, emerald green, deep yellow and burnt orange. Your go-to color is warm earthy tones and colors to avoid are pastels, like pink and stark white or icy blues, as they may make you look washed out. Generally, you’d look great in bold, warm hues. Colors to avoid are soft pastels, and cool dusty or ashy tones.

Deep Autumn Color Palette
Deep Autumn Color Palette

Deep Autumn Celebrities:

Some of the celebs who have the deep autumn colors are : Kendall Jenner, Sofia Vergara, Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, and more. Take a Seasonal Color Analysis quiz from here to find out if you have the same color palette as these celebs from here!

Deep Autumn Makeup Colors Tips:

Deep Autumn Color Palette and Makeup Color Tips
Deep Autumn Color Palette and Makeup Color Tips

Deep Autumn Styling Tips:

  • Gold jewelry will enhance your glow rather than silver!

  • You'd look better with brown or tan than black and white.

  • Wear evergreen for a pop of color.

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