The Complete Color Guide for Soft Autumn Color Palette for Seasonal Color Analysis

Either you just came across the seasonal color analysis, and just wondering what it is all about, or you already know that you belong to the soft autumn color palette family, we've got you covered! Look no further for looking for the best color that complement your skin and complexions using this guide. Here’s the complete color guide for Soft Autumn seasonal color palette!

Soft Autumn undertone:

For Soft Autumn, you also have warm skin undertone but you may have a slight neutral undertone. Soft Autumn has beautiful color palettes that really complements these Soft Autumn skin undertone characteristics. The color palette below can really enhance natural glow if you are Soft Autumn. Check below for some color palette that complements your specific skin undertone, along with makeup and styling tips!

General Characteristics of Soft Autumn:

Soft Autumns have earthy, warm undertones for their skins, tend to have golden blonde, to medium golden brown hair colors, with blue, green, light brown, or light hazel eyes.

Soft Autumn Color Palette:

You'll look great in these colors: brown, tan, mustard and green. Your go-to color is warm earthy tones and colors to avoid are hot pink, red and lime green. You’d look great with blended, muted colors with warm undertones. The colors to avoid are harsh bright colors, and icy blues or pastels may make you look washed out.

Soft Autumn Celebrities:

Some of the celebs who have the warm autumn colors are : Nicole Richie, Gigi Hadid, Drew Barrymore, and Gisele Bundchen! Take a quiz to find out if you have the same seasonal color palette as these celebs from here!

Soft Autumn Makeup Tips:

Soft Autumn Color Palette and Makeup Color Tips
Soft Autumn Color Palette and Makeup Color Tips

Soft Autumn Styling Tips:

  • Gold jewelry will enhance your glow rather than silver!

  • You'd look better with brown or tan than black and white.

  • Wear emerald green for a pop of color.

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