What is Seasonal Color Analysis? Here’s the Easy Guide to Finding Your Colors and Your Season!

Did you recently find out about the seasonal color analysis and are you new to the seasonal color analysis? In this post, we’ll make it easy for everyone to get a general understanding of what seasonal color analysis is and how to apply it in your daily life!

What is Seasonal Color Analysis?

Seasonal Color Analysis is a tool designed to discover the colors that compliments and enhances your unique complexion. It is often used in the world of fashion and beauty to determine the most flattering colors that suit your complexion using color theory.

What is your seasonal color palette?
What is your seasonal color palette?

Why Seasonal Color Analysis?

Knowing your best colors will help you choose the right color for your complexion that will help you look healthier, and enhance your natural glow. It’ll help plan your wardrobe, as well as your makeup. It will also help you make better decisions for what clothing or makeup to buy or what not to buy.

Here’s How Color Analysis Works!

Seasonal color analysis takes 3 properties of color into considerations, which are hue, value, and chroma. When you’re being matched to the seasonal color palette, you are being matched with your natural coloring as the following.

Hue is determined by the skin’s undertone

Value is found mostly in the hair (often in eyes too)

Chroma is found mostly in the eyes, and the level of contrast between hair, skin, and eyes.

Here you have the basics of the color theory and personal color analysis! If you want to find out what seasonal color palette you have, take a quick quiz from here. It'll only take 5 minutes!

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