What is Your Skin Undertone? Discover Your Best Colors That Make You Glow!

Has someone ever tell you some colors don't look good or right for you? Or you may have seen someone wearing the wrong color for their foundation or lipsticks. These are all because your skin undertone affects the colors you wear for your clothes or makeup. Some colors compliment your undertone and your overall complexion, so they make you look healthier, and make you glow with the right colors. Find out how this works and how to apply it for you!

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Skin Undertone

What is Skin Undertone?

Now, you may be wondering what skin undertone even means and how it’s different from your skin tone. Skin undertone is very different from skin tone. Skin tone is, literally, the tone of your skin or what you first see as your skin color to be when you see yourself in the mirror. Skin undertone is the underlying color that sits as a base of your skin color.

Cool vs warm skin undertone
Cool (Right) vs Warm (Left) Skin Undertone

Skin Tone vs Skin Undertone

While skin tone comes in various shades and tones, skin undertone universally comes in 3 tones, cool, warm, or neutral, regardless of your skin tone. Skin undertone can be identified by the color of your vein under your wrist, silver and gold jewelry test to see what looks better on your skin, and other analysis tests.

Why Important? Why Should I Care?

Knowing your skin undertone helps you find the right shades of foundation, eye shadows, lipsticks, etc. It is really hard to shop for beauty, period. Let alone doing that online is EXTRA hard! But knowing your undertone will help you find the right colors for your skin so your skin can glow even more!

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Seasonal Color Analysis

Types of Skin Undertones

There are three main types of skin undertones, cool, warm, and neutral, and here’s the descriptions of them and the hints on what type of foundations, blush and

Cool Undertone

Cool undertone has a slightly pink and bluish tone. Look for foundations with a hint of pinkish tones, as it would complement the cool undertones. For blush or lipsticks, look for the pink tones on the cool side of the color wheel to bring out the best glow for the cool undertone.

Cool skin undertone
Cool Skin Undertone

Warm Undertone

Warm undertone has a hint of yellow and golden tone. For foundations, look for foundations with a hint of yellow or golden tones, as it would complement the warm undertones. For blush or lipsticks, look for the pink tones on the warm side of the color wheel to bring out your best glow for the warm undertone.

Warm skin undertone
Warm Skin Undertone

Neutral Undertone

Neutral undertone has the combination of pink and yellow. For neutral undertones, look for foundations with a hint of gold tone. For blush or lipsticks, your glow comes out the best when you use the pink tones in the middle or close to the nude colors.

neutral skin undertone
Neutral Skin Undertone

How to Find Skin Undertone?

There are a few tests or quick questions you can answer to find out your skin undertone. Here are a couple of them:

Vein Color Test

Looking at your wrist, do your veins look more blue or purple? If so, you are likely to have cool undertone. If your veins look rather greenish, then you are likely to have warm undertone. If you have a mixture of both, you are likely to have a neutral undertone.

Sunburn Test

Do you get tangled easily and rarely get sunburn? If you answered yes, then you are likely to have a warm or neutral undertone. If you get sunburn easily, then you are likely to have a cool undertone.

Jewelry Test

Regardless of your preferences, if you look better with gold, you are likely to have a warm undertone. If you look better in silver or platinum, you are likely to have a cool undertone. If you look good in both colors, your undertone is likely to be neutral.

Of course, these are just a few guidelines you can utilize to help you assist you with styling and makeup, as a way to express yourself, but these are not the absolute rule! If you like any other colors you vibe with, go for it and you’ll rock it! Rather than making this as an absolute guideline, use this as a way of reference, to explore and discover different colors to widen your wardrobe of beauty vanity.

Take a quick quiz and find out your undertone from here!

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